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Autumn 2020


Facebook Lives

Join my DETOX2020 Group on Facebook for Autumn vibes and live sessions featuring all things related to detoxing.

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November 2nd 2020


Pre-Release Recording of The Inner Activist Podcast

A pilot for the 10-episode podcast show about pleasure, collective health, and wellbeing .

In collaboration with Liz Jaynes 




Creative Collaborator and Script Writer

Part of the Script team for the forthcoming animated film about the discovery of ‘Jumping Genes’ and Transposition by the American Phytogeneticist Barbara McClintock.
Funded by Cambridge University and the Wellcome Trust.

JUNE 2019          ART NIGHT


Sound Recording and Original Composition

Responsible for the sound and music/background ritual for Transposition, a multimedia installation by Sophie Seita.

MARCH – AUG 2019    WHITEchapel art gallery


Sound Recording of Personal Story and Involvement in the Women’s Anarchist Nuisance Cafe 1999-2011

Queer Spaces: London, 1980s – today

DECEMBER 2018    Metropolitan university


Guest Speaker

Co-creation, mutual indwelling, music, food and art for enriching our communities; talk and presentation on the history of WANC cafe and the subcultural rave scene it was born from. 

NOVEMBER 2018    Murray edwards college 


Creative Consultant, Musician, Composer, Performer and Ritualist. 

Creative development, conception and realisation of performance ritual – Transposition. A public engagement event to celebrate the genetic discoveries of Barbara McClintock. Curated by Lucy Van de Wiel and overseen by Sarah Franklin. Music composition and live performance with Abledon.  

Starting Nov 2nd, 2020

The Inner Activist

A podcast by Pleasure is Medicine

This podcast  joins up the dots between health, wellness, social justice, equity, environmental issues, unseen biases, economics, and the unseen subtle energetics of the body. How to counter capitalism, prejudice and iniquity, how to activate creativity for healing. Join me in the quest for radical compassion.  Explore how pleasure can be an organising principle and antidote to capitalism,
and why accessing the most powerful resource that humans have – compassion – is an evolutionary imperative.

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