Cosmic Yoni Club



Welcome to the Cosmic Yoni Club a place for fun,  conscious raising and important secret women’s  business and it is coming  soon.

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 Conscious raising, Feminism, Spirituality, Connection, Earthing, Integrity, Reclaiming, Sexual circuitry, Taoist practices, Star work, Overstanding, Empowerment, Self exploration, Shamanic journeying, Health, Sex education, Consciousness, Undoing Racism, Undoing Homophobia, Harmony Between All Beings.

The Cosmic Yoni Club

This is a playful, subversive and spiritual group for self – identifying women who are interested in exploring shamanic potential and connection to their Yoni’s (yoni is a sanskrit word for lady gardens) through meditation practices, movement, colour and sound.

As a spiritual and health activist, doula, musician and musicologist specialising in women’s practices I have been involved in creative underground diy scenes since the late eighties. I co-facilitated the Wanc café – the Women’s anarchist Nuisance Café a diy vegan monthly conscious raising café for 12 years in and out of squats in Hackney and Aldgate. We would have anything up to 100 women and transgendered people attending. It finished in 2011

Coming together for self-identified women in sacred space, sharing practice, exploring trance work, sound work, and learning how to work with sexual energy for health and empowerment for the individual and the collective in a held, safe space that is mindfully and actively inclusive of people of all sexualities and cultural backgrounds is needed and is where my energy and time is directed to go now.

Womb consciousness – in an empowering non gendered way is a vital evolutionary imperative. What do I mean by non-gendered? Well most women get taught that their wombs are there just for childbirth, and tend to be neglected until that is upon us, or just neglected, for those of us who didn’t want children, or berated for those who did want children but can’t. But the Womb space (whether women have wombs or not) is the Dan Tien, the Taoist source of centring and power, and can be used as a shamanistic tool. Taoist Males spend years in practice centred in creating this space within themselves. Working with this is a gift for all women, both those who need to reclaim womb space from only being there for childbirth and those who will eventually go on to give birth – because actually that is where one of the revolutions is – in birthing practices – and sisterhood in birthing practices – with empowered women who trust their bodies and can steer away from unnecessary medicalised procedures and traumatic invasive experiences. (Of course there will always be times when medical intervention is crucial – but I am not talking about that).

I will teach drawing on my resources and embodied knowledge. I am a Taoist practitioner since 2004 and a priestess on the path of women centred sacred sexuality for 17 years and am fully insured by Balens. I think the classes will be led by what women want to learn and explore. Am hoping the space will become co-creative.

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