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Welcome to this Pleasure is Medicine site. My name is Caro and I am a musician, cultural musicologist, healer and doula. I have also been a cultural producer, workshop facilitator and community organiser celebrating diversity in autonomous women-centred trans-inclusive spaces, as well as as being a health and pleasure activist for many years. I honour LGBTQI expressions of being and culturally and politically align myself with radical kindness, radical intimacy, intersectional feminism and the Divine Feminine. I also love writing.

My work is informed and underpinned by my own sexuality and spirituality, and also my experiences of using alternative health modalities extensively and effectively for as long as I can remember during my lengthy apprenticeship as a healer. I have been a happy vegan for 26 years, bar one excursion into conscious meat eating when I was doing a blood group diet and have had a personal meditation practise for the last fifteen years. Fifteen was also the age I started teaching music – classical piano – when I finished Grade 8, and teaching music – the rudiments, theory, practice and esoteric aspects have always been a fundamental part of my life – from running co-creative soundbaths to teaching sound as a spiritual practice, to learning to sing North Indian classical music for 7 years. More recently last year I wrote and taught a radical music programme combining sound with 5 element theory for the 140 0-5 year olds I was teaching at the Thomas Coram children’s centre. You can read about that in the article section HERE

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I am committed to health and pleasure activism and dedicated my life to serving the feminine aspect of the Divine in 1997, through without really knowing what that was at the time. I have been an integral and co-founding part of projects such as Tough Fluff and Mother Earth Guerillas as well as one of the guardians and organisers of the mighty Women’s Anarchist/inspirational Nuisance Cafe – a diy concious raising vegan cafe celebrating diversity through the sharing of food, music and laughter for nigh on 12 years. I love chi kung, good food, cake and music, both listening and playing, but find learning tai chi quite challenging and also getting to bed on time.

Whilst training and learning therapeutic healing Arts from the early nineties I also used to dj drum and bass and promote events on the London Underground Rave scene as Sexyrubbersoul with Zero Gravity and then Mizbehaviour, playing at places like Megadog and Megatripolis, as well as running underground parties with Liberator and co-hosted the Recline  radio show with Carl Loban  on Freedom fm.  The crossover happened when I started running esoteric sound workshops and healing rituals on an old East German Herring trawler in Rostock, a factory converted into a multimedia Art ship.  For a while, during the late nineties I was a sometime resident guest dj on the MS Stubnitz and I found myself creating overtone sound rituals for dead fish, and also running occasional workshops both in mainland Europe and here in the UK on the alternative diy scenes, in both esoteric sound and women’s empowerment through sacred sexuality. I produced an album of journey/dance music during that time called Feast of Salt, available at cdbaby.com and used by the NIA technique. Tracks from it were released on Worm Interface and Universal. You can also listen to a more recent drum and bass mix on soundcloud/sexyrubbersoul

sexyrubbersoul album

Over the years I have done much questing, learning and evolving, and there is still so much more to learn. My primary passion is offering my knowledge and sharing my skills in holistic health and wellness practices in a way that empowers people who are seeking sustainable ways of finding optimum health for body, mind and soul.

2013- 2015 – Ongoing training with Tama Do – or the Way of the Soul – the Tao of Sound and colour
2013 – Certified Instructor for Taoist meditation practices – Universal Tao UK
2007-2012 BA Hons Music studies/Ethnomusicology SOAS.
2012 – College of Psychic Studies – Healing Modules.
2008 Diploma in Sexological bodywork (Institute for the Study of Advanced sexuality, California)
2004, Certified practitioner of cosmic chi kung (Mantak Chia)
2001 Aromatherapy and massage ITEC.
1999 Usui Reiki Master
1997 Usui Reiki I II and III

I have been trained in both Western Classical Music and North Indian classical singing having had the privilege of learning with Ashoka Dhar, Chiranjib Chakraborty and Nicholas Magriel.


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Most of the images on this site are from my own personal living space with the exception of  this  beautiful image on the far left by one of my favourite visionary artists  Mariela De La Paz, called Venus of the Forest the second image is from a Wemoon diary. One of the Pleasure is Medicine pictures has a Green Tara in the centre by Marianna Rydvald, the other one of my snakes. Other art work is by the wonderful Sule Kemanci. I am happy for my own images and text to be used as long as I am credited and a link to my site is included.