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Welcome to Pleasure Is Medicine

Do you long for a sense of health and wellbeing that feels impactful, ethical and sustainable?


Are you feeling lost in a world of system breakdown and need to refind your inner compass?


Do you long to learn how to integrate spirituality and sexuality with creativity and activism, or simply need a temporary place of refuge and healing?


Hi I am Caroline and welcome to Pleasure is Medicine. I am here as an ally and a guide to help you create a harmonious relationship with yourself and the world around you. Whether you are needing lifestyle changes for general wellbeing, but just can’t action them or are dealing with systemic dis-ease, I can help you look at things another way and take those steps that will put you in alignment with creating both a healthier body and a healthier planet.


Pleasure and creativity are keys to affect lasting change and transformation


 Let me help you along your journey to radiant health.







Whether it is a therapeutic treatment, a one to one teaching session, a workshop or a class, hear me speak at public event or use my skills as a coach to support you to find the questions to your answers. If you feel drawn to work with me get in touch HERE. 

Helping You to Join up the Dots to Create Vibrant Sustainable Health


This is the best thing I gave done in a long time. Coaching with Caroline has given me the support and confidence to make some major changes and shift blocks I didn’t know I could shift. Amazing!


Film maker and Producer

1.An Exploratory Call

Arrange to chat on the phone or zoom to see if we are a good fit to work together and can co create.




If we resonate, I can help you and we decide to work together then we will make an agreement – of how and when our sessions will take place and which pricing tier is applicable





Creating Health

Book your sessions with me 

Our sessions will be 6 one hour appointments. These can be weekly or bimonthly.

We will meet online, in person or a combination of both. Together we will create your wellness map and I will support you through the process.








Look forward to hearing from you



About Me


Hello there, I’m Caro (she) and I am a certified Health and Wellness coach.

16 years ago I went on a shamanic weekend training with the Sacred Trust. The Monday following I had a life changing cancer diagnosis. I did not know this during the weekend. Strangely enough, though, I found myself on a journey in which I travelled through a dead shark and became a bee. Since that time my work has been influenced by the organisation of bee hives and the mystery of bee colonies.

Although I was already an accomplished healer and health activist, the journey I had with cancer from that time onwards has given me the opportunity to look at my life and given me the grace to figure things out that I might not have done otherwise. Yes, it sounds cliche but it was a gift and a blessing.

I went from giving informal emotional support sessions for friends of friends and sharing information to finally training in wellness coaching. These tools have amplified my ability to share with you ways to (re)find inner sanctuary whilst creating sustainable structures that serve your wellbeing.


I use pleasure as a compass to create a powerful culture of wellness – wellness culture – that benefits all beings. Pleasure can be a powerful antidote to the toxic elements of white supremacist, capitalist heteropatriarchy.

 My skills are honed from numerous experiences, teachers and teachings from the worlds of cultural musicology, music and sound healing, shamanism, Taoist and tantric philosophies and practices, many other healing modalities, intersectional feminism, social justice and race literacy. I have tried to live walk and talk my life in ways that honour all beings and have been a happy vegan for 32 years.

In 1997, I initiated into a priestess lineage. l walk in service to help people make their light brighter through sharing beauty, pleasure and connection. As your coach and guide I will wholeheartedly see, witness and support you on your exciting journey to create vibrant, sustainable health.

“Something happens energetically with your presence and the questions you ask that I find myself just knowing and being able to articulate answers for myself that I didn’t know were there.”

Sexuality and Its Role in Health and Welbeing


Explore how to navigate and celebrate queer identity for emotional wellbeing and what that means whatever kind of relationship you are in


Explore the impact of sexual identity on health and wellness and how to use your unique gifts for pleasure


Explore empowerment and pleasure outside of gender stereotypes for health and wellness


Explore the power of the outsider and the gifts that can bring to health and wellness creation



How It Works

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“My sessions with Caroline went far beyond my expectations. Her skills are many and one of the things I particularly work well with is her somatic approach. She hits the spot every time. Caroline is a very intuitive, present and intelligent healer. She not only knows her stuff but absolutely loves what she does. What a gift. Thank you Caro!

RM, London, 2019

“A good coach can lead you to victory. A phenomenal coach understands that where you are now, and at any given stage, is victory. A phenomenal coach will, with unyielding compassion, guide you through holistically examining all aspects of You; your Self. A phenomenal coach will , with love, affirmation, and kindness, help you uncover, tease out, find your potential and all the tools you already have. They may suggest tools, or give nudges when necessary, but they will demonstrate that ultimately the life is yours, the growth is yours.Caroline smart is a phenomenal coach.And I believe it all comes from her innate respect for, joy in, and love for your human life. And this is priceless. I thank you with my whole soul Caroline. Dr.Sigrid Elliot

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