The cornerstone of Tibetan medicine is compassion. Compassion can be seen to be the fragile yet strong threads that weave our communities together, and promote understanding, peace and harmony between all things. When we engage in pleasurable activities, when we experience pleasure, our hearts open with joy, and allow us to become more receptive to beauty. This heart opening and appreciation of beauty allows us to tap into the deep human resource of compassion. Compassion that allows us to love all equally and undifferentiated without judgement. A compassion that allows for restorative justice and fairness and the righting and forgiveness for wrongdoing. A compassion that is deeply healing.

dance of life is the dance of loveActs of pleasure also increase the production of a hormone called oxytocin which is a building block for well being having a positive impact on the body physiology, as well as for building communities. In bio- spiritual terms pleasure has a profound effect on the individual’s body circuitry and immune system. The role of the Arts is well documented in facilitating heart opening and compassion. Music, Meditation, Movement and Dance are integral parts not only in the healing modalities of many cultures, but also in the practical and spiritual disciplines of many Taoist and Tantric practices.

I work with the healing Arts and the pleasure they engender but actually pleasure can be medicine in many guises – whether it be gyrating your hips to the prowess of acoustic musicians, dancing and gurning at an all night rave, sound as devotional practise, drumming as a way of reconnection, compassionate trained touch or Inner smile meditation practices. I am in service to the beauty, compassion and healing that the Arts in their many guises can inspire. Although I mainly work through facilitating/teaching at occasional workshops and happenings please do feel free to contact me to ask questions or to see how I can help you using the contact page