It is August, Lammas has passed and as I sit at my desk reflecting on the summer months that have gone by – I feel deep gratitude. Let me tell you a story:

dalai lama and patti smithThis summer at Glastonbury music festival I had the immense joy of hearing the Dalai Lama speak in the Green Fields. Even though I was busy busy co- priestessing the Eco Goddess temple space in the Green Futures, talking about pleasure as medicine in the Speakers Forum and moonlighting at night djing at the fantastic Block 9 as my alter ego dj Sexyrubbersoul – this was the highlight.

I did not get to see him on stage – or see Patti Smith  sing Happy Birthday to him – the crowds seemed too much to navigate in the exhausted state I was in – and I saw it later – lucky for me you tube exists.

A month or so later I am at the annual Glastonbury Goddess conference, as a weekend attendee with a good friend of mine who introduced me to Vikki Noble. I was excited. Eons ago I was in a band with 7 women. The conga player and I were briefly lovers and she gifted me her Tarot deck – which was the iconic Motherpeace deck that Vikki Noble and Karen Vogel created. A gift I used for years.


We were on top of the Tor having participated in the wonderful closing ceremony of the conference and got to talking about things and the Motherpeace deck. I mentioned I had been at Glastonbury and had heard the Dalai Lama – which she was very excited about. I then shared that I had missed Patti Smith and the Dalai Lama sharing the main stage. We ooed and aahed over Patti Smith and the Dalai Lama.

Then she shared with me – the Magician card in the Motherpeace deck was MODELLED ON PATTI SMITH! Who knew! And now when I look at the card it seems so obvious. How amazing. Patti you are immortalised in an iconic feminist Tarot deck.  Swoon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Taking inspiration from both meeting Vikki and the Magician card feels magicianvery apt for these times. As Fire energy of midsummer becomes the Earth energy of late summer, Pluto storms through the celestial beams and Mars is in Leo are you hearing the call to action?

I am hearing the call to action loud and clear as I plan Autumn events – which if you are interested to hear about as they get confirmed get on my mailing list HERE

“The Magician is fiery and light – the active masculine archetype, the ego in action, swift movement and organisation. She starts projects, builds things and creates through the fire of the will.”

The Magician from the Motherpeace Tarot deck by Karen Vogel and Vikki Noble 
Ooing and aahing courtesy of the erudite lens of Malgorzata Krushevska copyright 2015