Winter Tips For Kidney Health

Winter Tips for Kidney Health

It is nearly midwinter! Winter solstice being next Thursday 21st December.  The seeming still point, where the seed of yang exists in the middle of the expansion of yin as demonstrated by the ubiquitous Yin Yang symbol. A potent visual clue to the flow of opposites.

Chinese and Taoist philosophy and practices are very much influenced by the idea of flow. As seasons flow into each other, so life force energy flows around the body. In traditional Chinese medicine and 5 element theory the season we are in now - WINTER is associated with the kidneys.

The kidneys are energetically connected to the ears and are physically located under the floating ribs (lowest ribs) above the waist line and one inch to each side of the spine.  The kidneys' meridians run down to the feet to the points on the sole of the feet called Bubbling Spring. 

 The Yin organ of the Kidneys - paired with the yang organ of the bladder,  are identified with Winter, and accordingly the idea of winter. Thus the colour for the kidneys is a dark blue black, the energetics are calm gentle rejuvenating stillness. As you would expect the kidneys are generally cool, though fear, the negative emotion associated with the kidneys can make them cold. 

The element for the kidneys is water.

The animal for the kidneys is either the deer or the turtle. I think the deer is particularly seasonal. Interestingly enough only female deers keep their antlers in winters hence those sleigh pulling santa rudolphs are actually females! ha! 

Additionally the kidneys are seen as belonging to and influenced by the direction of the North, the direction of ancestors and wisdom. Wisdom being also stored as a resource accessible through the kidneys and accessed through gentleness.

According to the Tao, kidneys store our reserved life force energy, or the essence of life, called Jing. Kidneys are where the Zhi, or Intention Spirit, lives. Our will power depends on the kidneys and when it is strong, not only we can recover or avoid illness, but we are likely to be successful in life - singlehandedly accomplishing difficult goals. When the emotions in the kidneys are balanced, we have less fear and stress while gentleness, calmness and peace become more apparent. Good kidney energy is essential for conception.



Treat yourself to a hot bath with essential oil.  Here are some Essential Oils that strengthen the water element:                    

GINGER empowers our ability to make swift affirming action warming the Yang of the kidneys and augmenting the Will (Zhi).                                                          JUNIPER BERRY is similar. Great for people who tend to isolate themselves when in difficulty. It helps us drive away doubts and restores our resolve to overcome life obstacles.                                                                                                                         CEDARWOOD is a classic kidney oil, holds us steady and firm and fortifies the Will (Zhi). Brilliant for transforming a feeling of victimisation into resiliance and strength and also great for cystitis.

ALTERNATIVELY put 3 drops of your chosen oil on your hands, add some carrier oil (almond, sunflower etc etc) rub them vigorously then place them on your back where your kidneys are. Smile into your kidneys and imagine a beautiful blue black colour. Smile into your kidneys and fill them with the feeling of gentleness.

Restorative guided meditation directing the flow of attention to the kidneys linked to the bladder is a requisite for people who are feeling weak and depleted as well as a great nurturing practice you can do for yourself.

Treat your kidneys well and always remember that " When your kidneys are strong, your will power will be strong."

Wishing you a restorative festive  season

Essential Oil information from  -  Gabriel Mojay - Aromatherapy for Healing The Spirit.

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Conscious Raving and Natural Highs – Get The Rave On In Your Body

Conscious Raving and Natural Highs
– Get The Rave On In Your Body

Get your rave on! Inner Temple Joy

                                                                            Inner Rave Practice with Pleasure is Medicine

Now days people think nothing of going to a conscious early morning rave and having natural highs for health and well being.

Yet what if I was to tell you that you can also make your own personal rave at home with wonderful affects on the mind body and psyche, and what if I was to tell you that you could actually be in the middle of a 24 hour rave whatever your state of health and capacity for dancing!

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2004 I knew I wanted to make all the cells in my body dance into wellness, a dance of ecstatic unity to a song of health and well being. Maybe this isn’t so suprising considering my background as a dj and promoter on the London underground rave scene of the late eighties and early nineties. The ideals of which I hold dear and that also inform how I live my life today.

Raving was always about the body... well actually Mind Body and Spirit even if it involved pushing the body to excesses. Everyone dancing together, posh, poor, black, white, straight, gay, men, women and all of us inbetween and on the spectrum  of the above binaries  (the majority of us probably), dancing for unity, peace and social justice in a surge of transformational ecstasy. Imagine how good it feels for all the cells in the body to unite in a similar dance of integrated ecstatic wholeness.

Transformational ecstacy for the good of all beings..

I had read about Taoist practices from the tradition of Chinese medicine long before 2004, and had tried the Inner Smile and organ sounds at home by myself, but it was only when I attended my first class at the Tao centre in Old street London with Kris Deva North in 2004, that I got it! I felt my body body radiate and glow with joy and peace and I felt at home, at home in my HUMAN body since the first time in my life, or at least the first time since I could remember from early childhood. Continuing this practice is a constant source of pleasure for me, and sharing that as some-one who guides others to feel this sense of well being and natural high is a gift.

Consciously transforming emotions inside the body                                                          is powerful magical alchemy, and doing it with sound, colour and energy can be positively joyful and empowering                                                                    

Here is a little simplified invitation to make a rave in your body

Put your hand where your liver is (right hand side below your breast). See if you can connect to the liver. By this I mean either feeling or imagine you can feel your liver in whatever way works for you.

Your perception might get hijacked by your inner voice saying … why you should you bother to connect to me, or judgement if you have been drinking or indulging in festive activities. 

Never mind all that. This is an exercise on loving compassion and non judgement.

Gently say hi to your liver.

Think of something that makes you smile

Be aware of how that makes your eyes smile.

Send this smile down into your liver end smile into your liver either from feeling the smile in your eyes, or by imagining a smiley in your hands dancing into the liver. Feel your liver smiling. Yes really. Work this smile my friend and feel your liver softening, relaxing smiling back at you. Grateful for this kind of attention.

Sit with this for a minute or to and then come back to normal awareness.

In our 5 element taoist practise we use colour and sound and emotions to gently detox the organs but that was a super quick taster of what is possible when you direct the imagination to affect the energetics of the body.


 Like this? 

For details of how to join our weekly classes in Seven Sisters, North London or to be guided in the practice by me through accessing a sound file enter your name below

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What Links Music and Sex?

Temple Priestess SM by Moonweaver 2015

Historical legacies within various cultures show us that making music and making love were both associated with Temple practices – spiritual disciplines if you like, usually centred around but not exclusively connected with Goddess worship.

Close up of lady musician, Jagmohana, Sun Temple, KonarakThere is ample evidence both iconographic and archaeological of the fact that women’s roles as Priestesses and Musicians in the Temples and places of worship were gradually erased within organised religious structures, in North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Asia Minor and Central Asia a process that is estimated to have taken about 1500 years. The prioritising of a sole supreme male creator, the visible erasure of Goddess and Goddess worship within many cultures meant that highly trained priestesses who were knowledge holders and musicians were disenfranchised and derobed. To be a woman and to be identified as a musician was and still is in some cultures stigmatised by the dim memory of another way of being, and is often upheld as proof of sexual availability and loose morals. It must be said though that this idea of licentiousness can also in some contexts apply to male musicians as well.

tantra-muralThe Qadishtu for example – Priestesses of Ishtar were highly skilled and trained in many Arts, similarly for Chinese and Japanese Geisha. The role of the Priestess, or women’s lineages of Priestessing became subsumed and sidelined.
Former Priestesses became reduced to “dancing Girls” highly skilled musicians and dancers enslaved at various courts and the ownership of them a symbol of wealth and power, or courtesans – that men used for sexual enjoyment as opposed to Women of power using creative sexual energy in its many forms for divine worship.

If you feel called to reclaim your voice and your hidden legacy of being an empowered and musical priestess for the good of this planet and her inhabitants please feel free to join me every Thursday this Autumn in Seven Sisters where we will be making a weekly Sound Temple.

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