Interval Oracle


Join Us To Create A Transformative Sound Temple  

Exploring How Toning, Singing and Sounding Can Raise Your Vibration, Boost your Immune System And Calm Your Inner Soul.

You can attend the weekly drop in Organ Detoxing using Sound and Colour every Thursday.

This is running until winter solstice, and then again in January every Thursday 7pm - 8.15 pm in Seven Sisters, North London

For those of you who missed the last interval Oracle course .. I am rerunning it in the early Spring!

There is an advance sign up for the 6 week Interval Oracle class starting feb/March 2018. Details to follow. Please use the sign up form below for details and dates.

I am also building a little online sound healing course for those of you who can't attend. Sign up to have advance notice of the pilot scheme (yes I will be testing it and the good news is the first FIVE people to contact me will have the course with an 80% reduction off the cost)