Energy healing that helps you heal yourself.




WHAT IS REIKI? Reiki is an ancient and profoundly simple system of “laying on of hands” healing derived from Tibetan Buddhism. The current system of Reiki in the West originates from Mikao Usui a Japanese christian minister in the 1800s who became a Buddhist living in a Zen monastery. He made 13-16 men and women Reiki masters. To be an authentic Reiki practitioner is to be able to trace your teaching lineage back to Mikao Usui.


HOW WILL IT HELP ME? Energy healing or Spiritual healing is a safe and time honoured way of accessing source energy/divine energy that has healing intent. You can come to visit me because maybe you have had a medical diagnosis or simply because you need some energy, some nurturing, and some relaxing healing time. The “healer” is a mere channel and it is you and your “higher self” or “subconscious” self which will know what to do with this energy.


WHAT HpinkflowerrszAPPENS DURING A TREATMENT? We will set a healing intention, and you will lie down fully clothed on a treatment couch. The session will be a gentle 30 minutes of both hands off and hands on healing. I tend also use organic essential oils and a crystal singing bowl in D# to help the session. Most people relax very deeply during this time and experience a great sense of well-being.


Caro has an articulate touch.  Because she has studied and practiced many modalities and spiritual traditions, she has developed a way of honoring the healing process that is unique to each situation, and at the moment it happens.  Sometimes it is through sound, other times through light touch, or by simply being next to you. I feel safe in her presence and am always amazed by the powerful energy in her hands, and from her heart.” MK North London

A greater sense of well being, pain relief and pain management. Relaxation and the accompanying lowering of blood pressure. General balancing of the nervous system and nervous system centres known as chakras.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST. I work by donation. A session costs between £10 – £40 an hour. If you have aheart+hands particular need for healing, have received a serious diagnosis or experience chronic ill health that needs maybe a series of weekly or biweekly sessions I run a low cost by donation clinic in Seven Sisters North London Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons these are in service and gratitude for all the amazing healers and health practitioners who have helped me over the years. I accept donations from £10.

I look forward to my healing sessions with Caro and feel total trust in her wisdom, skill and commitment to her healing practice. The sessions are always pleasant, sometimes I fall sleep and other times enjoy the feelings, colours, smells and sounds that she brings to the treatment. I often don’t feel different immediately but I’ve had some serious health problems for more than a year and I associate starting regular treatment with Caro with a very encouraging improvement.” AW Bethnal Green.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A REIKI HEALER FOR? I learnt Reiki I and II in 1998 and Reiki III and Master Reiki practitioner in 1999/2000. I also trained for a while in spiritual healing at the College of Psychic Studies. I have worked extensively with Reiki energy and find it a powerful modality. I have much experience of working with serious illness. I am a member of  The Reiki Federation and am insured by Balens. Please contact me to book an appointment. on 07523927685 or or HERE


Distant Healing. I have had much experience and success with distant healing. We will arrange aset time where you can rest or lie down and relax or meditate and I will send focused healing energy for any issues you have told me you would like healing for 30 minutes. I will then check in with you after the session. Again this is a donation service. CONTACT ME on 07523927685 or HERE

reiki-treatment-handSpiritual healing energy and Reiki energy heals whatever needs healing, and whilst I cannot promise that it will cure a particular ailment or disease, the benefits include a greater sense of well being, pain relief, relaxation and the accompanying lower blood pressure, as well as a general balancing of the nerve centres known as chakras.




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