Per Aspera Ad Astra – And Everything is Vibration Anyways……











Per aspera ad astra is a latin phrase meaning ‘ a rough road leads to the stars’. Whether this refers to the tragic heroic stories which guaranteed a place in the stars or a mournful lament obscured through time of settlers from other constellations who knows. What we do know is that more or less every culture has references to beings who come from the stars and has some form of individual astrological chart system which allows for the influences of the nearest planets and asteroids to be mapped onto human life. Whether you are a believer or not of this planetary influence latest research is proving that planets have measurable sound – their own form of music and of course sound is at is base frequency. So we can verify that planets have their own frequency, but how does that affect us? Well just as the light from the sun reaches this earth, so do the resonances of other planets that are in local orbit, invisibly and on the whole inaudibly to our ears at least. Many sound healers use gongs that mirror planetary frequencies and tunings. Fabien maman’s new work and research is helping people translate their astrological chart into a composite note. Exciting and cutting edge work synthesising his scientific system of sound and light healing with astrology. He will be talking about this work on a rare London visit this Friday 6th May at The Faber building – on the corner of Thornhaugh Street Russell Square. Price £15. To reserve your place email,the fb event page or visit

Hope to see you there x