Sound Healing

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Work with colour, sound and scent.

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I have been using sound and music therapeutically for 24 years or so in various manifestations, have training in both western classical music, North Indian classical music, a degree in cultural musicology and much experience in music trance and the power of group process in healing. I have also worked with therapeutic sound intensively with myself and more latterly have been training in Sound Acupuncture.  I bring a clear knowledge of both technical theoretical music theory and also embodied knowledge of liminal time and how the effect of sound resonating in both the body and the soul can have deep and wonderful healing properties.


Depending on what you are coming to me for  the session will either be active – that is pitching, toning and tuning together to create a restful and nurturing meditative state, or using sound to detox the organs or passive where you relax in a warm and comfortable position and get surrounded by a special and unique sound bath that I can also record so you can relisten to it at home.

Scent and colour have always both been important to me and I am a trained aromatherapist. I often integrate this with sound work. Sometimes people come to me for a full colour sound and aroma treatment. I sometimes use the voice or various subtle instruments. A treatment generally involves lying fully clothed on a treatment couch while I use especially made tuning forks on various acupuncture points in accordance with 5 element Chinese medicine, a 12 colour especially made torch, 12 beautiful coloured silks and also lovely organic essences (all designed by the Tama Do school with which I am training) for the ultimate experience in fine tuned and profound soul pleasure and healing.

The Tama Do Musical Spine treatment is especially good for bad backs, sleep problems and helping to release trauma in a safe way.