A good coach can lead you to victory. A phenomenal coach understands that where you are now, and at any given stage, is victory. A phenomenal coach will, with unyielding compassion, guide you through holistically examining all aspects of You; your Self. A phenomenal coach will, with love, affirmation, and kindness, help you uncover, tease out, find your potential and all the tools you already have. They may suggest tools, or give nudges when necessary, but they will demonstrate that ultimately the life is yours, the growth is yours.

Caroline smart is a phenomenal coach.

And I believe it all comes from her innate respect for, joy in, and love for your human life. And this is  priceless. I thank you with my whole soul Caroline.

Sigrid Elliot

Psychologist, Chicago (2020)

Words are only a poor reflection of the tremendous and careful skills of Caroline’s coaching.  At a time when I was exhausted by work and many challenges in my personal life, I was offered a path to self support.

Caroline helped me voice my bisexuality and question how to weave it into my relationship at the time. With her, I was given a path to express my desires and needs while respecting my partner. What a chance.

We also addressed work-related stress and exhaustion. Naming issues and carefully opening myself to do less professionally were two transformational experiences. We built very practical exercises together as well as navigated the complexities of one’s self at a specific moment in time.

If you feel that you are at a crossroad, a little paralysed, Caroline will help you navigate that moment. She is a wonderfully skilled coach. Do not hesitate one second to work with her.


Academic Researcher, France (2019)

I began working with Caroline when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct 2019.

As well as being a qualified coach, she is incredibly knowledgeable about cancer care, and in particular about the newest thinking about metabolic approaches to dealing with aggressive cancer.

It is very hard to summarise the impact Caroline has had on me over these last months but I would say it has been transformational. 

She helped me to stay grounded and calm, and gave me helpful visualisation techniques to use in stressful situations, like having to deal with medical professionals and undergo tests.

She gave me the confidence to hold my ground in the approach I wanted to take to my own treatment, in the face of hostility and resistance from the hospital team, and guided me through the internet labrynth to the most useful and credible sources of information.

She challenged my thinking and encouraged me to do my own research and trust my own body in gauging the effects of different supplements and foods, rather than just follow someone else’s plan.

But more than all of this she has been a consistent healing presence in my life, offering unconditional support and holding space for me to bring whatever I am dealing with to our sessions. Some days that has been emotional and psychological – struggling to deal with fear, grief and uncertainty. Other days it has been needing to work through brain fog and get clear about protocols, dosages, timings and priorities. Some days I haven’t exactly known what I need to work on, but in all cases Caroline meets you where you are and tunes in somehow to what you need, holding space for what needs to emerge to surface. If I had to describe Caroline in a few words, I would say she is empathic, intuitive, ethical and caring, intelligent, perceptive and imaginative. She has a powerful ‘presence’ and quickly builds trust and rapport. It has been, and continues to be a pleasure to work with her, and I attribute much of my positive progress in this journey so far to our work together.


Organisational Coach, Scotland (2019/20)

Caroline’s classes have helped me to embody all the teachings that were already somehow inside of me. Being myself a feminist artist working with women’s energy and power, interested since a long time in tantric Buddhism and women’s energy, I had never reached the point where I could incorporate all that knowledge into myself.

I am still in the process of learning, but I have made a first step in Caroline´s classes, as I feel now that I am able to actually feel what before were just concepts in my head. Even when my body was reluctant to learn due to its many blockages, in my dreams I was able to perform the exercises that we were practicing in the classes.

Caroline’s methodology of teaching is empowering. You feel blessed from the minute you encounter her. Minutes and hours fly as you enter an unique and sacred space that belongs only to the student and her teacher, a space where you feel confident and truly secure, knowing that you are guided by a caring and respectful master.

After spending a winter in London, her teachings are the most precious gift that I am taking back home with me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maria Llopis

Artist, Activist, Feminist, Author, Spain.

I was feeling really low. My lymphoma had returned after a year of remission, and I didn’t see the point in trying to beat this. Caroline helped me see I had loads of options and inspired me to take an integrative approach to healing using the best of everything that was on offer.

Coaching with her was one of the best things I have done and has given me the support and confidence to make some major changes and shift blocks I didn’t know I could shift. Amazing. The ritual we did to release stuck energy in particular was powerful beyond words. Our work was transformative and inspirational

So grateful for the knowledge you carry in your body and your mind, for sharing your wisdom and being a living inspiration. 


Film Maker, Cultural Producer, London.

Caro is an amazing and talented musician and holder of many truths relating to the voice and its sound. She is well qualified in this area and rarely gives such events. Please do consider booking early if she is teaching

Bernadette Valley

Author, Ecologist, Founder of Shakti Sings and Gaia's Guardians, Wales

Caroline Smart is an extraordinary teacher and facilitator with a breadth of knowledge, a compassionate heart and astute awareness of the linkages between spirituality, politics and consciousness. She walks the walk and holds the lessons in her body. Her workshops are unlike any other I have attended and are always inspiring, irreverent, devoid of clichés, surprising and respectfully held. Warmly recommended for curious souls with a love for the unusual and otherworldly…


Author, Academic, Researcher, Workshop attendee, London

The space was beautifully held and I loved the intention setting part. I found the experience of being in the centre deeply relaxing and by the end I couldn’t stop smiling. I also enjoyed listening to the recording of mine you kindly sent – it brought back all the lovely sensations. Thank you .

Hannah Simmons

Sound Bath Attendee

Caro has been a very empathic workshop leader with a great understanding of the attendees. Not only did she deliver a fantastic mother Earth linked to women workshop but also provided relevant resources to look up. I learnt about grounding, vibes and emotions. Caro created a safe space for everybody there, which allowed us to share intimate feelings and experiences. I would love to see more of this soon and more often!


Ethnomusicologist, Workshop attendee