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Working From a Shamanic Perspective Within Pre School Education.

This article appeared in Indie Shaman Magazine Issue 21. Summer 2014.

ISSN 2050-3172 (Print) ISSN
2050-568X (Online) 17

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Kol Isha B’Erva – A woman’s voice is sexually enticing – an examination of the gendering of music within the Hassidic tradition of Orthodox Judaism as a means of re-enforcing compulsory heterosexuality. Click here to read – Kol Isha Erva

This essay  might be of interest to some of you. It explores the concept of creating gender through dictating who can sing and who can’t in Hassidic Judaism. I welcome any feedback so do feel free to use the contact me page with your thoughts.

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The picture above is of Rachel and Avraham Kolberg