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The reductive idea that women are walking wombs and only have currency as mothers has been like a red rag to a bull for most feministwomb knickers from the Independant thinkers.

How many of us I wonder who were born with wombs have at some time in our lives pretended to not have wombs in order to take our place as equals to men, have regarded bleeding as one big bloody nuisance, and the celebration of such – blood and wombs to be unnecessary and retro.

  pink knitted uterus

  Yet the Womb space is the place of power, a jewel, an incredible resource to be used yes for bearing children but also, and maybe more importantly for health and spiritual practices that benefit both the individual and the collective.


Illustration-depicting-the-fiery-cosmic-egg-hildegardBut what do I mean by Womb Space – I mean that  the womb matrix is so powerful that even when the physical organ has been removed or is no longer functioning as such the space that is left still holds the energetic resonance and creative memory of the womb power. I mean that people whether they are born intersex or women who were born without a womb  have access to that circuitry, that trans women who have energetically had to recreate womb space can access this space. And trans men who still have womb spaces can also use them as part of a spiritual  practice once the association to gender is liberated and redefined.






For myself, as a woman who knew she was not a breeder in this life time and chose not to have children my womb seemed redundant for years – and also a signifier of a female stereotype/archetype that I simply couldn’t relate to personally. It was only when I started learning Taoist practices and teachings in 2004 onwards that I became suddenly aware of the mysterious vortex that was the womb space. This is knowledge that has been veiled for centuries and beyond away from public consumption – the knowledge that it is through the womb space that we can walk between worlds, and through conscious practice and preparation can even communicate shamanically with other dimensions. It is hidden and valuable knowledge.

Honeycomb (1)Sound far fetched?  Maybe, but for women wishing to reclaim this space – either for personal development, for preparation for childbirth, to regulate monthly cycles, for political, spiritual, ecological reasons – please do it – womb space is a mighty resource.

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