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Goal Setting

Learn non-aggressive goal setting within process orientated client-led conversations 

Health and Sexuality

Explore the connections between health, spirituality and sexuality in a safe, open minded environment 

Stress Management

Learn to identify “good” and “bad” stress and how to work with it in your body

Finding Your Invisible Therapist

Help with accessing your own inner wisdom and creativity for sustainable health

Helping You Find Wellness With Personalised Coaching


Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

 At some time in your life you might benefit from having someone to see you, hear you, be curious with you and support you to make lifestyle changes, championing you along the way and helping you get clarity on your health and wellness journey.

There is only so much we can do on our own, especially during times of system breakdown and uncertainty. These current times of Covid add both extra challenge but are also an opportunity for a reset. My work is grounded in curiosity, compassion and courage to help you disrupt the old and bring in the new.

If you are resonating with this please read on. 




What Is Wellness Coaching?

Creating Coherent Health

Allopathic medicine (and the NHS) can be amazing, yet prevention is better than cure, and health is not always wellness.
Most of us know things we could do to reduce our risk for future illness or improve our health now, but it often can all feel out of reach.

Get Help Making Important Decisions

After a health diagnosis there are often many pathways that could be taken, and conflicting information may be given to you. A good health coach will help you to explore your options, support your choices and help you build a workable strategy for health creation alongside medical protocols.

Integrated Health - More Than an Event!

Often disease is seen as a single body event or malfunction. Integrated health coaching helps you explore all aspects of your life — the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — to create a coherent state of wellness.

Integrated Health Awareness Leads to Wellness Culture

We are not alone. Our behaviour impacts on everything around us, as well as on the hidden cells within us.  Sometimes that can feel like it is all too much, a mountain you don’t want to climb! A health coach not only watches you climb that mountain but supports you every step of the way — championing you  on your journey to create sustainable wellness.

How Do I know If Coaching With You is Right For Me?

Here is some more info to help you decide 


Are you ready to go on an adventure?

My approach is slightly different from most.
Firstly I do not come from a high powered professional business background like many coaches. I have lived my life outside of the corporate world and believe that my worth is not related to how much I can ask you to pay. I can be playful, unconventional and disruptive but will always have your best interests at heart.

Want to address aspects of your health you have been ignoring?

For the last 25 years I have been teaching, holding space and co-creating healing spaces for transformation and wellbeing in women-centred lgbtqi+ spaces. I know how easy it is to ignore niggles and signs from the body and I offer my experience in service of your journey. 

Want a transformational journey that has a beginning, middle and end, is led by your own processes, and guided by someone who "gets it"?

The best thing about coaching is that it is boundaried and time-held. We co-create a safe container for you to really look at your life, your thoughts and your feelings, and find the intersections in your body. Talking of bodies… 

Embedded in my work and my philosophy is the acknowledgement of the power of detoxifying your emotional, physical, and also psychic landscape from the slow violence of white patriarchy. Together we explore ways to do this to create vibrant, wholistic, ethical health.

As a ‘white’ person who has spent many years unpacking the legacy of whiteness and white supremacy, I understand that racial trauma is something that impacts all of us in different ways. Together we will co-create a safe environment that honours this.


Fed up of struggling with something on your own and want some help?

For the whole time we are working together I will be supporting you in your processes, explorations, identifications and agreed goals around health and wellness. This will take the form of weekly hour-long talking sessions, led by you and your needs.  It will be my honour to give you the gift of my full presence and to see you. 

My Approach

My work is client-led and process-orientated. I ask the questions, you find the answers, and then I support you how to action them. Health coaching works excellently as a preventative, but can also help you in times of crisis. As someone who has worked with and through many serious illnesses I have particular insights on how systemic illness can impact on body, mind and soul. 

I work alongside allopathic medical protocols, and can also support you when you are outside of those protocols for whatever reason.

I can support you to explore alternative pathways. 

I can support you to honour multidimensional aspects of health and wellness.

And I can be a powerful ally to help guide you through the bigger questions that life as a human holds.   

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

A 45-minute Skype or Zoom call to connect and to see if I can help and we resonate. I look forward to meeting you.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Together we can choose the best plan for you at the moment based on your needs and situation.  

Get Your Welcome Pack and Start Working With Me

Our weekly sessions will be on Zoom/Skype or in person. It would be my honour to start this journey with you. 

6 – 8 Week Health Coaching Package

6 -8 weekly sessions by Skype/Zoom or in person (weather and location permitting) plus support for the duration. A joyful MOT for general health and wellbeing.

 Sliding Scale

6 – 8 Week Health Diagnosis/Cancer Coaching Package

Health Coaching for a health diagnosis or long term systemic illness. Cancer and Mindset Coaching.  6 or 8 hourly sessions over 6 or 8 weeks using skype/zoom or in person (weather and location permitting) plus support.

 Financial flexibility, donation and exchange considered for LGBTQIA+/ability/BAME people.

More Details

 If you have a new cancer diagnosis, a long-term diagnosis you have been living with, or a recent return of cancer after treatment, then it is my privilege to work with you at this time.

 My many tools to help you come from  my experience of living with breast cancer for 16 years, my resources as someone who is an informed researcher and an independent guineapig, my connections to organisations that might be able to help you, and my perspective as someone who has thrived outside of mainstream medical pathways to help and support you through this time. I understand that with a cancer diagnosis comes the cost of supplements, complementary practitioners, expensive treatments not available on the NHS. I have thus kept my pricing low to honour that. If however you are affluent and want to pay the full price, you will be creating the opportunity for someone to have a bursary/by donation place.


Individual Sessions after a 6 session coaching Package

Many people choose to have another 6 sessions after their experience of how coaching works. Some people might just want a monthly or 2 weekly check in to keep on track.  

Still Have Questions?