Impactful Health and Wellness Coaching

“health doesn’t happen in a doctors office, health happens where people live”

 At some time in your life you might benefit from having someone to see you, hear you, be curious with you and support you to make lifestyle changes, championing you along the way and helping you get clarity on your health and wellness journey. There is only so much we can so on our own, especially during times of system breakdown and uncertainty.

 My work is grounded in curiosity, compassion and courage to help you disrupt the old and bring in the new.

If you are resonating with this please read on. 


1 A free consultation to see if I can help you

2 Booking your sessions
The sessions run for 6 weeks. Once you have finished working with me I offer a free 30 minute follow up assessment two weeks after our coaching sessions finish.

Some people like to extend the scope of our work, and do two programmes of 6 weeks. Some people like ongoing support for a few months having once a month or twice a month scheduled sessions.

My areas of particular interest and expertise are
• helping people with a health diagnosis – particularly cancer.
• I help people stay and work through the big issues that a diagnosis brings up, whilst encouraging their own inner therapist to get on board.
• Look at sustainable and integrated ways of supporting the body through treatments.
• Explore other avenues of healing.

 Health and Wellness Pleasure Coaching.

 Coaching work in the area of sexuality and spirituality. Sexuality and spirituality and where they meet can be powerful areas of health creation. My specialisation is working with people whose sexuality is lgbtqi+ or other but welcome all.


Get in touch for your free consultation here

 Health coaching works best as a series of 6 sessions. This allows for an enriching relationship built on trust and process work to serve your needs and help you with your journey.
 General health and wellness MOT TO SUPERCHARGE 2020 spread over 2 months.
  £600 = 6 weekly sessions plus support.
  £800  = 8 weekly sessions plus support
 10% discount for 10 sessions booked & paid for in advance (= 1 session free)
Health Coaching for a health diagnosis or long term systemic illness £400
 Cancer and Mindset Coaching £400 (6 sessions)
Part bursary places and financial flexibility sometimes available for LGBTQIA+/ability/BAME people.

What it is like working with me.

Firstly, I am not going to give you aspirational instruction or tell you what to do!  I am going to hold your hand and be with you as we explore how fucked up this world is, the impact that has had on you, and how you hold your own powerful keys to change.

 My work is client led and process orientated. Health coaching works excellently as a preventative, but also I work with systemic illness, the implications of that on body mind and soul. As someone who has worked with and through many serious illnesses I fully honour that sometimes diagnosis can be an entry point into a deep education about yourself and the deeper questions of life 

 I work alongside allopathic medical protocols, and can also support you when you are outside of those protocols for whatever reason.

 I can support you to explore alternative pathways

 Support you to honour multidimensionality and the unseen.

  Be a powerful ally to help guide you through system breakdown and the bigger questions that life as a human holds.  

  For the whole time we are working together I will be supporting you in your processes, explorations, identification and agreed goals around health and wellness. This will take the form of weekly hour long talking sessions, led by you and your needs.  It will be my honour to give you the gift of my full presence and to see you. 

 We can work  in person, face to face at mine, or through Skype or Zoom. There is accountability and support in between sessions though text or email.


 As well as being a certified and insured health coach, I have a rich toolbox to draw on from my experience and trainings as a sound healer/cultural musicologist/musician, as a ritualist, and from Taoist and tantric based somatic practices and the world of sexology,  as well as 30 years of health activism and community organising.  Embedded in my work and my philosophy is the acknowledgement of the power of detoxifying your emotional physical, and also psychic landscape from the slow violence of white patriarchy, and exploring ways to do this to create vibrant wholistic ethical health.

As some one who is racially literate and very much in touch with the legacy of whiteness and white supremacy, I welcome people of colour and don’t need to be protected from the weight of whiteness, Of course I also realise that many POC folk need to do this work in safe separate environments and fully support that.